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Fanola No Red Shampoo for Brunette

Fanola No Red Shampoo for Brunette

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No Red Shampoo is formulated to help counteract the red reflections that comes with having brown or auburn-colored hair. Its green pigment helps you achieve a more natural or cool toned brunette, while leaving the hair shiny and hydrated.

Fanola No Red Shampoo gently cleanses and neutralises unwanted red reflections, while maintaining the cool and homogeneous colour. After applying, brown hair highlights a cool, pure and bright reflection. The special formulation is enriched with orchid milk to give shine and softness, while the latest generation antifading technology protects the hair from its natural oxidation.

  • Neutralizes unwanted red reflections in dark chestnut or brown hair.
  •  Enriched with Orchid milk to add shine and softness
  • Anti-fading technology protects the hair against natural oxidation
  • Gently cleanses the hair, giving shine and hydration.
  • Vegan
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