Bringing a sleek and edgy touch to Ashburton, the Tanglez Hair Studio is a sanctuary for all those who want to be pampered by professional stylists in a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere. Forget about all your salon experiences so far, you’re in for a treat of a lifetime.

Within the walls of our salon, you’ll relax and unwind in a modern, yet warm and cozy atmosphere. Step through our doors, and you’ll be greeted by our amazing stylists who are ready to pamper you until you leave dancing out of the salon. Let go, catch up on your reading material in your favourite magazines, and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, while we make hair magic happen.

Our salon nurtures a creative atmosphere, where talented stylists fuse together to form a  community that thrives on nurturing clients and spoiling them with the latest treatments and cutting-edge methods. Your hair is your pride. The essence of your happiness. Which is why our scissor wizzes will use any means necessary to achieve absolute perfection.

Our decadent menu of hair nurturing treatments includes looks for special occasions, wedding hair, and updos. Whether you’re looking for a subtle or a complete makeover, our creative juices are always running and our stylist’s fingers are tingling to take on the creative challenge.

The finest hairstylists in the industry go above and beyond to constantly improve their skills and keep up with the latest hairstyling trends, in order to redefine your entire salon experience. Step into our world and experience a world where clients’ satisfaction is a priority, and stylist can make miracles happen. All you have to do is show up, and leave with a smile on your face.

Jaimee Prendergast

Senior Stylist

Inspired by her sister Anna, who loves fashion and making people feel good about their hair, Jaimee decided she will contribute to the happiness of others through the hairdressing industry, and is working as a Senior Stylist along with Managing the salon. Five years in the game and a year working in a fast-paced Melbourne salon made her gain valuable experience. She’s the stylist that’s always open for a chat, she has a bubbly and fun personality, so you’ll never be bored in the chair. Her specialty is creating bombshell blondes and showing off creativity through amazing up-styles. Jaimee is also very proud of finishing all her Polytech assessments in hairdressing.  Want to know a fun fact about her? She has dancing feet – being a tap and jazz dancer as a child and throughout her teens, the energy just went straight from her feet into her creative hands.


Senior Stylist


Senior Stylist

The constantly changing nature of the business was what lured Annie, our senior stylist, into this industry. For a hairdresser the possibilities are endless, and keeping up with fashions and trends, along with having the creative freedom is what made Annie thrive. Once you come into the salon, you’re going to fall in love with Annie’s bubbly, fun and loving personality. The greatest achievement
she’s immensely proud of is completing her hairdressing apprenticeship, and she’s the wiz when it comes to men’s and boy’s cuts, colouring, toning, and balayage, as well styling – anything that allows her to switch things up and that fuels her creative side of the brain. Fun fact? She was one hell of a kid – she went to Cubs.


Emerging Senior

Alyssha knew she wanted to be a hairdresser, when she saw the creative side of the job, as well as how her work can make people happy. She’s kind, caring and funny, so you’ll definitely be in safe hands when you’re in the chair. She is Tanglez’ intermediate stylist who specialises in foils and colour work, and in her second year of hairdressing she was acknowledged as Technician of the Year.
What’s so special about this lady? She spent her childhood on a dairy farm, and lived there until she was 18. She still today loves helping with calves around the farm, hence her caring nature.

Currently on maternity leave.


Master Stylist (On Maternity Leave)

With over 8 years of experience, and fantastic organisational skills, she has enjoyed being the manager of the Tanglez team. The role suits her perfectly, as she is approachable, friendly and cheerful, but at the same time a true professional. Her specialty is creating natural, blended looking colours. Want to know something about Zoe outside of the salon? She loves to play poker and netball, and she’s currently on maternity leave, spending time nurturing her little bundle of joy.


Master Stylist (On Maternity Leave)

Justine’s Spice Girl and Barbie dolls got the pampering of a lifetime in her childhood, as she would always give them the latest hairstyles of the time. She loved playing with her mum’s, sister’s or cousin’s’ hair, always putting them in twists, plaits and adding stylish hair clips to make them look fabulous. If she wasn’t a hairdresser, this world just wouldn’t make sense. Justine’s confident,
outgoing and friendly, and she loves colours! With the right canvas, she achieves any colour you can imagine, but she also loves to do a classic bob or a concave bob (which she has practiced time and time again on her Barbies). As a Master Stylist, she has the power to make people feel confident and beautiful, and take their vision along with her vision, fuse it together and make wonders happen.
Justine has an artistic flair and she’s always open to creative challenges. She’s the one that always knows the latest trends in the industry, and she knows them before anyone else. What more do you need to know about Justine? Her nickname is Fuzz. Why? She learned to walk when she was 22 months old, but until then she used to bum shuffle and get carpet ‘Fuzz’ balls on her nappy. The nickname simply stuck with her.


New Talent


New Talent


Owner / Make up Artist

Anna is the proud owner of Tanglez, one of her greatest achievements is opening the salon and building the Rockstar team you see in Tanglez today. She has hair running through her veins. For as long as she can remember, she loved making people feel great about themselves. The fashion side of the job is also what drew her in. Anna loves chatting with all sorts of people and hearing their stories. If you want someone who’s the definition of precise, who’s thoughtful, giving and fun, Anna is your go-to girl. After 19 years on the floor, she has now stepped off and is training in makeup
artistry, in order to give all her beloved clients the glam look they’ve always wanted. She loves the business side of owning a salon. She’s the ultimate boss lady but also has five kids and lives on a dairy farm, balancing her multiple roles successfully. Bet you didn’t know that!

Chelsea Prendergast

Administration Assistant

Thanks to her love for computer work, Chelsea keeps us all organised so the position of admin assistant came naturally to her. She’s quiet, and the person you can always rely on, but there’s a witty side to her that we all adore. Her specialty is running things behind the scenes, pulling all the strings together so that on stage work is seamless. Her greatest achievement is being a working mum while raising her son, who has a brain condition that affects his balance. Throughout all the hardship she managed to hang in there and stay positive. Chelsea is a true role model for all of us. A little fun fact about Chelsea – she comes from a close-knit family, and two out of her six siblings work in our salon!

Lauren Conner

Salon Assistant

Lauren is the baby of our salon since she has been with us for a short time. She loves the creative side of the business and is patiently learning all the ins and outs. She’s extremely passionate and driven, but also friendly and creative. Although she’s still in school, she has started working on the floor, gaining valuable experience from all her team members. Lauren is absolutely obsessed with Norway, and if you are too, Lauren is the one you’re going to want to talk to.